The Superiority of Xiaomi Mi A1 Price and Specification

A high quality smartphone with great specs at reasonable price point is hard to encounter. This is why Mi A1 is a rare find. Xiaomi Mi A1 price and specification make this phone a favorite contender in the mid tier smartphones. People still look for this phone even if it was first released back in 2017. What is so great about this product in terms of design, specs, and price? Let’s see.

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Xiaomi Mi A1 Price and Specification

Xiaomi Mi A1 Price and Specification

The Phone Design

There is nothing specifically groundbreaking about the design of Mi A1, unlike the Xiaomi Mi A1 price and specification. It has the traditional smartphone shape. Its front side is made of glass material, which is protected by corning Gorilla Glass Number 3. In total the weight is 165 grams. The frame of this phone is made of regular aluminum material. Like any other Xiaomi product, the color options are actually quite vary: rose gold, gold, black, and red.

Device Specifications

This device is run by a chipset named Snapdragon 625. The CPU used in the smartphone is Cortex A-53 while the graphic processor is 506 Adreno. This phone utilizes Android Nougat 7.12. However, the operating system can be upgraded to Android Pie 9.0 if required. The internal memory of this phone is 64GB. It is supported with 4GB of RAM which may not be enough.

Xiaomi Mi A1 price and specification follow the market trend. As an example, this phone prides itself in the high quality camera. It is equipped with double cameras at the back. Each camera is 12MP so that the image it is given is crystal clear. If you like to do selfie, the front camera is also helpful. The camera is 5MP which is standard but certainly adequate enough for daily use.

Why is Mi A1 Superior?

One reason that makes this phone superior if compared to its contender is the size. It is only 15.5 cm long and 7.6 cm wide. The phone is quite bulky since the thickness is about 7.3 mm. User will be able to carry this phone around without having to worry too much. It can fit one’s pocket very nicely.

The battery that is provided in this phone is also an element in Xiaomi Mi A1 price and specification that attracts user. This phone is equipped with Lithium Polymer battery with 3080mAh battery capacity. Without heavy use of battery, this phone can stay on for about 87 hours without charging. Nonetheless, when it is being used for multiple functions, the battery capacity will dwindle fast.

Another great thing about this phone is the ability to do upgrade up to the latest operation system. Because of that, it can still follow the current application marketplace without having to go through significant upgrades. This phone also has dual SIM card slots for you.

The Price List

This product is released worldwide. In certain countries, it is also named Mi 5X. The price of new Mi A1 is about $200. However, you can still find the used one for cheaper price. This Xiaomi Mi A1 price and specification explanation will help you in deciding whether to try the phone out.

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