Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Review about the Snapdragon 712 and Other Features

Xiaomi has introduced and release Xiaomi Mi 9. In fact, there is also Special Edition for Mi 9, and it is called as Mi 9 SE. Of course, it is interesting to see some special features that make this gadget a different edition. That’s why there is Xiaomi Mi 9 SE review. Now, we are going to talk about some main features offered by Mi 9 SE.

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Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Review

Xiaomi Mi 9 SE Review

Sector of Performance

Mi 9 is the latest flagship from this Chinese manufacturer. Therefore, some people may expect that Mi 9 SE will also be the flagship that uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 for the processor. In fact, it is not as what people expect. Xiaomi uses Snapdragon 712 with Octa-core processor. It may make some people disappointed, but there is nothing wrong about the specs.

In this case, manufacturer equips some features to support the performance. For example, there is Enhanced Gaming Display for those who need high quality of graphic while playing games. Moreover, there is also Smart System Resource. It will improve the work of processor, so it can give better frame rate and stability in processing the tasks. By having these features, the Snapdragon 712 may be able to compete with the devices equipped with Snapdragon 855.

Sector of Camera

Then, the next point of Xiaomi Mi 9 SE review is about the camera. The device uses triple cameras that consist of 48 MP, 8 MP, and 13 MP. The first one is for the standard function; the second camera is for telephoto, and the last one is for ultra wide camera. It is said that the photos will have better sharpness and density. Therefore, it is good even if the pictures are cropped.

Meanwhile, the front camera has 20 MP. It is also equipped with Beautify Feature for those who love taking selfies. The screen will be the flash when it is to take picture in the low light condition. In addition to the Beautify, there is also 3D makeup to get the better results of selfie.

Other Features of Mi 9 SE

As the other flagship, it already supports NFC. It is the feature needed by most of people currently. Even, people will say that it is one of the important features to have in high-spec of gadget. Therefore, Xiaomi equips the gadget with it. Supported by its processor, the connectivity can read the data faster and easier.

Then, the other characteristic of Xiaomi is the IR Remote, and it is necessary point in Xiaomi Mi 9 SE review. Although it may sound simple, it can give easy access to operate AC, television, and other devices controlled by using remote control. Well, people are helped by the feature, and it is found in Mi 9 SE.

Those are some interesting features of Mi 9 SE. It is interesting since it is the first gadget to use Snapdragon 712, and it is said to give high performance. There are also some other features that make Xiaomi Mi 9 SE review more interesting.

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