Toyota Innova 2020 Facelift New Concept

Toyota produced Innova for Indonesia in 2000s. This car has been flagship model and receives several updates until recent model. Toyota Innova 2020 facelift is relatively same base design, but Toyota adds extra trim level. Exterior adopts MPV style with long wheelbase. New LED headlights are installed at front for better lighting.

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Design and Features

Facelift is common method to refresh car with new design. In two or three years, the car needs to obtain facelift to attract more customers. Even though the features and specs are not too different, people will expect facelift to be better than old model. This is what Toyota Innova 2020 facelift supposed to be for next model

Toyota Innova 2020 Facelift Release date

Toyota Innova 2020 Facelift Release date

The car is known as the best MPV with spacious cabin and long wheelbase. At first glance, it looks like crossover with leaner and more curve touch in exterior side. Besides, Innova has high clearance with bold fascia. It helps to extend car capability when driving in difficult terrain.

With new design, the feature also receives some upgrades. Toyota adds more safety and entertainment features. You can connect the car with smartphone while driving. This option is only available when you choose higher trim level. The cabin is enough for eight people alongside the extra cargo at backside. If you need more space, fold and split seat in second and third rows to extend cabin space.

Toyota Innova 2020 Facelift

Toyota Innova 2020 Facelift

Engine and Performance

Toyota Innova 2020 facelift still keeps existing engine for the next model. You can choose between petrol and diesel engines. For petrol, engine, the capacities are 2.0 liter and 2.7 liter that capable to produce 137 hp and 162 hp respectively. This capability is enough for daily driving, even long journey. The engines are available since 2016 with minor updates at recent model.

If you like diesel, Innova has engines with capacity 2.4 liter and 2.8 liter. Powertrain is 147 hp and 147 hp respectively. The diesel is top list because it has better fuel efficiency than petrol one. Besides, the car uses automatic and manual transmission with 5-speed and 6-speed.

Toyota Innova 2020 Facelift Interior

Toyota Innova 2020 Facelift Interior

Release date and Price

As it mentioned above, the car started in Indonesia in 2004. After long production and development, you can purchase this car in other countries, mainly Asia and Middle East. Recent model is part of second generation that released in 2015. You need to wait long for the next generation. That’s why Toyota Innova 2020 facelift become preferable option. For the price, you need to spend at least $24,000 and more for higher trim level.

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