Toyota Estima 2020: Exterior, Interior, Release Date, and Price

Toyota Estima 2020 is an upcoming car from Toyota, predicted to be released in the near future. As we know, Toyota is one of the best Japanese car manufacturers. It has been around in the business for decades, producing amazing cars over the year. Toyota Estima is surely one of its best products. What is with the new 2020 series? Figure out about it down below.

Toyota Estima 2020 Review

Toyota Estima 2020 Review

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Changes on the Outside and Inside

The changes made on the outside and inside of the car are not major. It is generally believed that the car is going to have the same overall silhouette as the predecessor. The inside of the car is predicted to be a slightly more advanced with the usage of newer, more sophisticated technology, such as the new, more sensitive parking alarm.

Under the Hood

The engine under the hood is going to be a deciding factor of any car’s performance. Thankfully, you do not have to worry about anything related to the performance of the new Estima car. It is because the engine used in the car is the powerful 3.5-liter V-6 engine. The engine has the same quality and durability as the newest hybrid engine often used these days. With the engine, the car will be capable in producing 271 HP.

Toyota Estima 2020 Release date

Toyota Estima 2020 Release date

Release Date Schedule

Even though the Toyota Estima 2020 has the year 2020 as its version, it is generally predicted that the car is going to be released even earlier. A lot of Toyota fans estimate that the release date of the car is around mid to end 2019, with October to November as the most possible time. The official Toyota has not stated anything about the date, though.

Estimated Price Tag

In order to bring home the new Toyota Estima 2020, you are going to need $32,770. The price is predicted for the lowest version of the series. It means that there will be several other version of the new car, probably with stronger engine or more luxurious interior and they are sold in higher price compared to the standard version.

Now that you know every leaked information about the new Toyota car, you can make sure that you choose this car over the other when you need a reliable SUV for you and your family to travel. This car is truly the winner because it has a lot of sophistications as well as advanced features inside of it. This is why the Toyota Estima 2020 is surely longed by everyone.

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