Subaru BRZ 2021 and Some Speculation about This Drifting Car

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Subaru BRZ is known as one of the best car for drifting. Those who love to ride the car in such extreme way for drifting will surely know this type of car well. There is also Toyota 86 as the twin brother of this car. Both of them are from different manufacturers, but it is true that they are like twin siblings. Recently, there are rumors about the subaru brz 2021. Of course, it is so interesting since there can be big expectation about the car.

New Subaru BRZ 2021
New Subaru BRZ 2021

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No turbocharged engine in 2021 version

It is true that there are many kinds of expectations for the release of the new generation of Subaru BRZ. Once there are many kinds of information that the car is prepared for 2021, many people say about the turbocharged engine. Nowadays, it is not strange things to have the turbo. Even, most cars already have the turbocharged engine to boost the performance.

People’s expectation for the turbo is quite reasonable. They want to see more powerful output in the new subaru brz 2021. Moreover, they think that this is drifting car and it should have sporty performance. Unfortunately, the expectation may not be answered.

It is quite good decision for Subaru to ignore the turbocharged engine. It may be the common feature to boost the performance, but the Subaru BRZ does not need it. It is car dedicated for drifting, so it has special configuration in its handling, braking system, and other aspects of agility. By having the turbo in the engine, it surely will give higher burden and heavier mass. It will be hard to get the same agility for driving. That is why the Subaru BRZ probably will keep using the naturally aspirated engine without the turbo.

Subaru BRZ 2021 Concept
Subaru BRZ 2021 Concept

The Redesign Concept

For the design, mostly Subaru BRZ is made similar to the Toyota 86. That is why these cars are considered as twins. These also look great since the predecessors share the similar specs and details in term of design and styling.

However, it seems subaru brz 2021 will not have the same concept anymore. Although both cars are still dedicated for drifting and have great agility, they will have some differences. The Toyota version will tend to look like the Toyota Supra. Then, the Subaru BRZ will adopt the design of Subaru WRX.

Release date

Many details of the new Subaru BRZ are still in big questions. It is because the cars are dedicated for 2021. There are still long way to prepare and finalize the design and features of this car. However, surely people cannot wait for the release date.

In term of release date, it is expected that the car will be announced officially in the early 2020. Then, subaru brz 2021will appear with its finalized design and performance in the middle of 2020.

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New Subaru BRZ 2021Subaru BRZ 2021 Concept

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