Samsung Google Nexus S Specs and Review as Pioneer in Android Smartphone

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Google introduced Android for mobile phone. In early released, only one or two vendors produced smartphone based on Android platform. One of them was Samsung, but Google puts its own name on this phone. Samsung and Google collaborated to create Nexus S. This was one of first Android phones that adopted Google services. To know more about Samsung Google Nexus S Specs, read the following section.

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Samsung Google Nexus S Specs
Samsung Google Nexus S Specs

Design and Display

In that time, touchscreen technology was as advanced as today. You might be difficult to find mobile phone with touchscreen mode to operate. However, Android was designed for this mode. That was the reason why some vendors still hesitated to integrate it into their new lineups.

From appearance, Nexus S has classic smartphone style with curve edges. You can hold this phone in one hand and put it into pocket. The display size is 4.0 inch, and the dimension is slightly bigger than display. It still has more space at top and below side for speaker, camera, and control. The display uses Super AMOLED with resolution 480 x 800 pixels.

Technical Specs and Features

The next exploration on Samsung Google Nexus S specs starts from its platform. This device utilizes early Android version. Samsung produces for several platforms based on OS from Android 2.3 to Android 3.1 or Jelly Beans. The latter is the most common model since the system is already stable for smartphone performance.

The chipset is Hummingbird, and RA capacity is 512 MB with PowerVR GPU. With their specs, this phone can deliver utmost performance from simple task to complex processing. Of course, early Android version is enough for basic needs, but it’s expanded to what smartphone supposed to be in the future. Internal storage is 16 GB, and it’s quite bigger than competitor.

The next feature on Samsung Google Nexus S specs is camera. Samsung adds 5MP camera at rear side with LED flash. You can capture photos, and it’s enough for short video recording. Good thing about this phone is front camera for selfie and video call with VGA capacity. The others are Wi-Fi, jack audio, GPS, Bluetooth, accelerometer, and compass. The battery is 150 mAh and it uses removable Lithium ion. The capacity is enough for normal calling, performance, and other activities.

Price and Release Date

As it mentioned above, this smartphone is the first product that entered Android market. Samsung launched it in 2010, and the production was discontinued. Nexus was still the brand from Google! and Samsung only acted as principal vendor. Therefore, both companies worked in different area but deliver one product to fulfill demand in Android phone. In that time, Nexus S was revolutionary product, even though some Android phones started to emerge.

How much is this phone in today price? Based on the recent price level, you need to spend at least 170 EUR or $191 for Nexus S. Unfortunately, you might find new product that’s still in box. Most Nexus S variants are secondhand smartphone, and you should check the capability first before purchasing. That’s what you should know regarding Samsung Google Nexus S specs.

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Samsung Google Nexus S Specs

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