Samsung Galaxy Watch Price and Specs with Advanced Technology

Smart watch emerges with more demands due to useful device with many functions. You can do anything that smartphone does. One of reliable products is Galaxy Watch from Samsung. To know about Samsung Galaxy Watch price and specs, the next sections will provide more information.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Price and Specs

Samsung Galaxy Watch Price and Specs

The Design and Style

To explore Samsung Galaxy Watch price and Specs, you can start from the design and style. At first, you might think this watch uses digital display. That’s not true because Samsung provides analog interface with custom style. You can still see some numbers alongside their pointy arrow to represent seconds and minutes. Furthermore, it also has the sign to show date, month, and year.

You can have two options based on the size: 42 mm and 46 mm. You can distinguish both watches from appearance. Besides big screen, 46mm model has more features and signs on display. On contrary, you can only see simple analog display on 42mm. Both have various colors like silver, midnight black, and rose gold.

The display uses Amoled screen with protection glass. You can see the clear watch monitor directly, including control to any feature. This kind of screen is common for smartphone. However, it is not like smartphone that will turn off after few minutes. On contrary, you can set the display to be always in turn on mode regardless your activity. That’s the way to make the watch becomes more functional.

Specs and Features

What are specs on this device? Samsung develops this product with utmost technology. Operating system is Tizen OS, and the chipset is Exynos 9110. As you can see, both are commonly for smartphone, but Samsung applies it on watch. The battery is 472 mAh for 46mm, and 42 mm uses 270 mAh. This watch is compatible to almost every smartphone as long as it is capable to connect and has RAM more than 1.5 GB.

Samsung gives connectivity mode to utmost level. You can integrate it to car, and it can control anything from far away. Furthermore, any device with Bluetooth and wireless mode is accessible to connect automatically. It can support smartphone, especially Samsung Galaxy series. For entertainment, this watch already has music app to enjoy favorite songs. The service is ready via internet and you can connect to external speaker via Bluetooth.

Related to Samsung Galaxy Watch price and Specs, checking the heart rate and body temperature, as well as becoming personal trainer are the things you get from this device. Furthermore, it is capable to make sure your sleep is excellent at night. If you have diet plan, you can rely on this watch to make sure all calories are necessary in spending. In general, this device is very useful to support lifestyle in order to get better health.

Price and Release Date

Samsung introduced this watch few years ago. After that, some upgrades are added to enhance the capability. The specs become more advanced to adjust with the latest development in smartphone industry. Even though the watch uses Tizen OS, Android and iPhone can work properly to connect without much issue. Regarding the price, you need to spend at least $329 for 42mm model and $349 for another one. Those are what you get from Samsung Galaxy Watch price and specs.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Price And Specs

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