Some Interesting Rumors about Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro Specs

Samsung never stops to innovate. Some months ago, there is Samsung Galaxy S10, and it comes in three main variants. Actually, now Samsung is also ready to release Galaxy Note 10 Pro. It will become the new flagship with bigger display.  Of course, it is good to know Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro specs and some speculations about the gadget.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Pro Version

It seems Samsung wants to repeat the strategy in releasing gadget. It brings some variants with different level of specifications. In this case, there will also be two versions of Galaxy Note 10. There will be the regular and pro version.

Based on the name, it is clear that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro specs are better compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 10. It will give options for those who want to have flagship with bigger and wider display. So far, these two new gadgets are still in rumors, but many fans already wait for the gadgets.

Screen and Battery of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro

Screen becomes the main differences between Note 10 and Note 10 Pro. The Galaxy Note 10 Pro uses screen of 6.8 inches. Then, it uses the technology of Dynamic AMOLED. Related to the screen technology, it is not surprising news since most of flagships of Samsung use the same screen technology.

The Dynamic AMOLED provides vivid color graphic and awesome contrast. In order to protect the screen, Samsung equips the screen with Corning Gorilla Glass. The latest screen protector will prevent scratches, so it will not be cracked easily.

As what is found in the flagship of Samsung, it has always-on display. It may seem simple, but it is so useful. It does not drain the battery, yet it gives good function to see notifications and other information displayed on screen. Even, some people will miss it when the latest Galaxy Note 10 Pro does not bring the feature.

Regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro specs, it will use big capacity of battery. The Galaxy Note 10 Pro will use 4500 mAh to make sure the gadget can last longer. Moreover, it is supported by the fast charging with 25W. So far, there are also rumors that it will use better fast charging technology up to 40W. However, it still needs further confirmation. Of course, it also supports the wireless charging.

Sector of Performance

For the performance, it is clear that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro will use the latest technology of CPU. As what is found in the Samsung Galaxy S10, it will use two options of processor. First, it uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. The second option will use Exynos 9820. Like S10 series, the benchmark will be higher in the device using Snapdragon 855.

It will work in Android Pie with One UI. Then, the other information is about the camera. It will use quad-camera as the main cameras. Each of them has different function, such as for main camera, telephoto, ultrawide, and TOF 3D camera. Surely, all of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Pro specs can make people interested to see the gadget soon.

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