Samsung Galaxy Fold Price, Specs and Release date

Samsung Galaxy Fold price and specification can be the topic everyone talks about these days. Samsung is well-known as the best smartphone manufacturer around the globe. This Samsung Galaxy Fold is the perfect example for that statement. This smartphone is believed to be the first foldable Android gadget. Here is the more information about it for you.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Price and Specification

Samsung Galaxy Fold Price and Specification

The Key Specs

Samsung Galaxy Fold price and specification information should start from the key specs of the phone. The key specs are its CPU, RAM, and storage. The CPU used in the foldable phone is the one from Qualcomm. Of course, it is its latest edition, which is the Snapdragon 855. With this processor, it is highly unlikely for the phone to experience lagging and slow performance.

The RAM is a extremely massive one. It is 12 GB or RAM, allowing you to multitask as crazy as possible. It is supported by massive storage as well. The storage on the phone is 512 GB storage. It is more than enough to store whatever files you want to the smartphone.

The Camera

The smartphone has three cameras. Yes, you read it right: three. The main camera is still the one on the back. The one camera located on the rear is a 12 MP camera with wide angle feature. As for those who love talking selfies, they will be pleased to know that the foldable phone is designed with two front cameras.

The first front camera can be used when you fold the phone. The other front camera is the one you see when you unfold the phone. Both front cameras are 10 MP ones with a lot of great features, including optical zoon, bokeh effects, and beautification.

Battery Life

The battery powering the foldable smartphone should be massive in capacity. Also, it has to be able to keep the smartphone alive for hours, even though the gadget is being folded over and over. The new Galaxy Fold is believed to have the 4.100 mAh battery, which is indeed massive.

The battery is capable to last over 12 hours even when the phone is constantly used. Considering that the new Galaxy phone is going to have the 5G technology as well, the battery is quite enough to keep the phone going and supporting all its advanced features.

The Price

The foldable phone is predicted to have quite an expensive price tag. It is quite fair, though, considering that this is a Samsung product and it carries new, sophisticated technology like foldable screen. The phone is given a $1,980 price tack.

With almost two thousand dollars of price, obviously this is not the kind of phone that everyone can afford. Only those with huge paycheck and a lot of money to spare can fully understand the Samsung Galaxy Fold price and specification.

There is no doubt that Samsung is indeed the best. The Korean company is always innovative and often making breakthrough in their products. Even though the foldable smartphone is not too famous today, it is believed that in a few years everyone will have a foldable gadget and that Samsung Galaxy Fold price and specification become something everyone dying to know.

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