Razer Phone Specs and Awesome Features for Gaming Enthusiasts

For gamers, common smartphones are not enough to play the games. Even, some flagships have limited features to give the best experiences in playing various games. That’s why some brands develop gaming phones, and Razer phone is one of them. Razer is famous for the products of PCs and laptops for gaming, so they know what is needed by gamers in smartphones. Of course, it is interesting to see Razer phone specs since there are some different things to offer.

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Razer Phone Specs

Razer Phone Specs

Performance for Gaming Experiences

Razer phones become the first generation of gaming phone from Razer. Right now, there is also Razer 2. The phones were released in November 2017. In order to give the best experiences for gamers, Razer phone specs get the highest attention. Therefore, the device is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. In this year, it was the highest chipset developed by Qualcomm Snapdragon. Then, it is supported by GPU Adreno 540. For the operating system, it runs in Android 7.1.1 Nougat, and it can be updated to Android 8.1 Oreo.

To give better performance, it also gets good storage. For internal storage, it gets 64 GB, and it can be expanded by using microSD up to 1 TB. Then, it also gets 8 GB of RAM. High capacity of RAM is needed since some games need high level of processing, so having more capacity of RAM is beneficial for gamers.

Features for Gaming 

Since it is a gaming phone, of course Razer phone specs should be accompanied with features for gaming. One of them is the screen rate. Its rate can achieve 120Hz, and it is very useful for gaming. By having high rate, it will give better responses in gaming and running high graphic will be done smoothly without stutters. The feature itself is provided by the technology of UltraMotion from Razer.

Then, gamers should also get good sound system, especially for playing the FPS games. In this case, Razer phones get Dolby Atmos and it applies in the stereo speakers. There is nothing to worry for its sound output since the quality is like having external speakers.

There is also Game Booster to boost the performance of its CPU and GPU in running games. It can be activated before users play the game. Then, there is also good thermal management, so heat will not make the phone slower and the phone is still comfortable to use.

Battery and Camera

It seems Razer wants to give best experiences in playing games. So, the phone gets 4000 mAh for its capacity. It is to make sure that playing can be done without worrying of low battery. Unfortunately, it does not support wireless charging

 For the aspect of camera, dual-camera is provided for its main part. It consists of 12MP camera for wide photos and 12 MP with optical zoom. The front camera has 8MP camera. Although it is gaming phone, Razer does not want to simply ignore the aspect of camera.

Those are some interesting features and specs offered by Razer phone. Surely, it has good specs for playing games and enjoying entertainment. Of course, the Razer phone specs still can be compatible even if it is used in current games.

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