Oneplus 7 Pro Price and Specification: Smartphone with 48MP Camera

Oneplus 7 Pro Price and Specification – Android becomes majority platform in smartphone market. The closest rival is far behind in term of quantity and market sales. Interesting thing about Android is the open source and not strict to one vendor. As the result, many companies are capable to release their product using Android platform. One of them is Oneplus as new brand, but capable to enter premium and flagship category. Now, let’s discuss the Oneplus 7 Pro price and specification. This model is Oneplus flagship to compete with others.

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Oneplus 7 Pro Price and Specification

Oneplus 7 Pro Price and Specification

The Design and Display

You may have this smartphone at hand and wondering about full bezel less with no notch, dote, or anything at display. The company uses the approach that’s still eligible to deliver what bezel less supposed to be. It has size 6.67 inch with Fluid Amoled. This spec brings graphic in utmost level. Fluid Amoled is the latest technology to boost graphic and display performance.

Based on its size, you can access the entire display easily. This smartphone is also suitable for gamers due to resolution level. Even though the size is big, the design is elegant with delicate accent at each corner. User will feel comfortable when using this smartphone.

Platform and Features

Next thing to talk about besides Oneplus 7 Pro price and specification is the platform, including chipset and GPU. As high end product, the design and appearance are not enough. Manufacturer needs to put much effort to add advanced platform and features.

This smartphone uses Android 9.0 as operating system. The latest Android is faster, better, and more resilient to handle many apps. Moreover, the chipset relies on Snapdragon 855, and the GPU is Adreno 640. Both deliver advanced processing level. For the RAM, it is available in three options: 6GB, 8GB, and 12GB. Moreover, the internal storage is also ready with several options from 64 GB to 256 GB.

Other features are Wi-Fi, internal speaker, NFC, Bluetooth, USB port, GPS, and radio. Unfortunately, this device does not have jack audio, but user can use wireless feature with noise cancelation. The battery has capacity 4000 mAh, and fast charging feature is available. The support features are fingerprint, gyro, accelerometer and compass.

Camera Capability

Oneplus 7 Pro price and specification, including its camera is the reason why this smartphone becomes flagship from Oneplus. As you can see, the rear camera uses triple mode. It consists of 48 MP, 8 MP, and 13 MP. You can capture UHD photo and video easily. The camera features are laser, OIS, dual LED, dual tone, panorama, and HDR.

Interesting thing about this smartphone is related to front camera. You do not see any dot or notch that usually available as camera at the front display. Oneplus has solution to make sure the bezel less display is clean. Selfie camera is motorized pop-up at top side. It means you will see camera appear then back to inside again after the task is done. The capacity is 16 MP with auto HDR.

Release Date and Price

The price is varied based on RAM capacity. You need at least $455 for 6 GB and about $677 for 12 GB model. Check the product availability before purchasing. Some countries only have 8 GB version,  not 6 GB. This model is already available since May 2019. That’s what you should know about Oneplus 7 Pro price and specification.

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