Nokia Asha 501 Specs and Features that Make It Great Feature Phone

In the early development of smartphone, there was nice feature phone developed by Nokia. At that time, Nokia did not use Android OS, but manufacturer used Windows. It was also developing and producing the feature phone, and Nokia Asha 501 became one of interesting series.  It is like a hybrid that takes the concept of smartphone and feature phone. Of course, it is interesting to see the specification of Nokia Asha 501 specs.

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Nokia Asha 501 Specs

Nokia Asha 501 Specs

Display and Design

At that time, Nokia has Lumia and Asha. These two segments or categories had different specs, and Asha was for feature phone. However, Nokia Asha 501 is quite special. As what is mentioned above, the phone takes good points of smartphone, especially in its screen. It does not use QWERTY physical keyboards, yet it uses touchscreen for keyboard. Moreover, it supports the common system as what is found in current smartphone.

Related to Nokia Asha 501 501 specs, it has 3-inches screen. It may seem small for current size, yet it was big enough at that time. Moreover, it was released in June 2013, where most of feature phones and smartphones still used screen smaller than 5 inches. Its screen already supports two fingers with the feature of swipe.

Platforms and Memory of Asha 501

As what is mentioned regarding the Nokia Asha 501 specs, it is not a smartphone. Therefore, iit did not use either Android or Windows. Even, it did not use the Symbian OS for feature phone. Instead, it uses Nokia Asha software platform version 1.0, and it can be upgraded up to 1.4.

In term of memory, it has 128 MB of internal memory. It also has 64 MB RAM to run the application. The gadget also gets included 4GB of memory card, and it can be replaced or upgraded up to 32 GB. It is more than enough to save photos and videos.

Other Information about Nokia Asha 501 Specs

There is still other nice information regarding Nokia Asha 501 specs. For its camera, it uses 3.15 MP. At that time, it was good enough to take photos although it still uses fixed focus. It is also able to take videos in 320p resolution with 15fps. Of course, it does not have front camera since it was not popular yet when Asha 501 was released.

Although it may seem similar to smartphone, it only gets connectivity of 2G. It is one of the bad things since connectivity of 3G was already available at that time. Luckily, it is equipped with Wi-Fi, so it can connect to internet easily.

Moreover, Nokia Asha 501 specification can be called as interesting since it supports simple multitasking. Some apps can be opened and supported by feature of swipe. That is why it seems similar to the smartphone.

All of these specifications and features make Asha 501 more than just common feature phone. At that time, this gadget was like the bridge between the feature phones and smartphone. Well, Nokia Asha 501 specs and features surely become interesting point at that moment.

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