Details of Nokia 9 Pureview Price and Specs

New smartphone devices are released every year. The market is competitive, and each brand introduces advanced tech to attract customers. One of new products is Nokia 9 Pureview. You are surely familiar with this name because Nokia is one of leading companies in mobile technology. Even though the company has drawback and hiatus, it starts to enter market with Android smartphone. How much is for Nokia 9 Pureview price? Well, to know about the specs and price, just read the next pats.

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Nokia 9 Pureview Price

Nokia 9 Pureview Price

Development and Design

Nokia 9 is smartphone for premium segment. It is the highest specs at all and specifically to compete with flagship model. Since the first release, this model receives excellent review. Users like the design, specs, and features in this phone.

The design is different from most of smartphone because it doesn’t apply full bezel less style. Nokia still keeps tiny space at the top and bottom part with balance portion. You can see camera, Nokia brands, and internal speaker. The display size is 5.99 inch with resolution 1440 x 2880 pixel. It uses P-OLED touchscreen and Gorilla Glass 5.

Specs and Features

Nokia 9 Pureview price depends on specs and features. Operating system is Android 9.0, Android One. It is the latest version with more reliable capability and efficient energy consumption. For chipset, Nokia uses Snapdragon 845. GPU relies on Adreno 630. Moreover, its RAM is 6 GB with 128 GB  internal storage. This phone does not have slot for external storage.

One important spec that distinguishes this phone with others is ZEISS technology. It can be seen from rear camera configuration. Nokia uses five cameras with each capacity of 12 MP that can be seen with separated circles at back cover. They work simultaneously to deliver utmost result. The camera has features, such as Zeiss Optics, panorama, HDR, and LED flash. Well, the front camera is 20 MP with HDR.

Other features are internal speaker, noise cancelation, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS, and USB Type C. Besides, this phone has battery with capacity 3320 mAh. Charging is available with fast charging mode or wireless one. Both generates faster recharging and less time until the battery is completely in full mode. The sensors consist of fingerprint, compass, gyro, accelerometer, proximity, and barometer.

From those specs and features, you can estimate Nokia 9 Pureview price. Even though Nokia might be leading market today, the company still keeps the top specs and technology in each product. That’s why more people start to consider Nokia as their new phone with Android service.

Release Date and Price

Nokia announced this model in February 2019. After that, the phone was ready on market at certain countries. Today, Nokia 9 is available globally in many countries. You can check it at nearby store to ensure the availability.

How much is this phone? Well, Nokia 9 Pureview price starts at $699. You might pay more because the price is slowly higher to adjust with market demand. Of course, that number is still affordable. Based on the price, this phone is not much for flagship, but still considered at the top mid-end. You will get smartphone with advanced tech, but the price is not too expensive.

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