New Buick Grand National with New Design and Powerful Engine

Buick has Regal for sedan market, and the latest generation is already on market. In past time, this model had high performance version, called Grand National. The last model was discontinued in 1987. There is rumor to bring back new Buick Grand National. Well, Buick should consider this idea, and put the car back into market.

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New Buick Grand National 2020

New Buick Grand National 2020

Design and development

Muscle car dominated high performance segment in 1980s. Buick was known with premium and luxury car. However, the company decided to extend the Regal model to enter this category. As the result, Grand National was released. Several updates are added to boost the capability and performance.

After the production is discontinued, Buick continues to develop Regal. However, Grand National was not released anymore in the next generation. There is niche market that wants to purchase new Buick Grand National. The company needs to put it into utmost consideration.

For the design, using Regal as the base model seems the best idea. This car has lean and sport appearance with premium touch. Buick may put Grand National variants to be coupe model in Regal lineups. In fact, Regal has hatchback model, and coupe seems to be the one that’s not available at the moment. This is where Grand National comes into the right time.

New Buick Grand National interior

New Buick Grand National interior

Performance and features

Regal is mid-size car that the engine is relatively small. For Grand National, the engine is more powerful because coupe and sporty design is in one package. Regal has GS version with 3.6 liter V6 as the engine. New Buick Grand National can adopt this engine for starting point.

The most important thing is performance and capability. The car is dedicated as sporty which means the engine is more powerful than normal variant. It should exhaust at least 300 hp and on par with GS model. However, Buick should increase this performance significantly to attract more customers. This is good opportunity to introduce new car on market.

New Buick Grand National engine

New Buick Grand National engine

Price and release date

When asking about release date, there is still no official information. Developer does not officially introduce this car yet. You can expect several years ahead for Grand National model. As alternative, you should try Regal GS.

New car with old name has one aspect that people always want to know. How much is Grand National? The car price is important to compare between money you spend and what you get. The price range is estimated between $35,000 and $40,000. Even though new Buick Grand National is sport car, Buick does not put this one as super car with big engine and fancy appearance.

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