Motorola RAZR Specification with New Design, Platform, and Technology

One of popular names in mobile phone industry is RAZR from Motorola. The design was unique with flip or foldable mode. The main screen was at inside part with big keypads. That was old RAZR that still used old platform. Motorola plans to resurrect this brand with new design and technology, but does not lose what RAZR supposed to be. More about Motorola RAZR specification will be explored in the following sections.

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Motorola RAZR Specification

Motorola RAZR Specification

Design and Development

For your information, Motorola released Android version from this brand. Unfortunately, the device did not perform well due to lack of development. To prevent such situation, company puts much effort for the next generation of this model. Rumor stated that 2019 might be good time to announce public about new RAZR.

Before Motorola RAZR specification, people want to know what this smartphone looks like. Almost all Android devices are touchscreen-based control. However, RAZR was known as flip phone. New model seems to be big challenge and opportunity to introduce foldable smartphone. Two companies, Samsung and Huawei, already introduce the foldable screen to market.

Based on that premise, the display might have the size between 6.0 and 7.0 inch. You can fold that display and you still have secondary screen at outer area. For full function, just straighten this phone, and normal screen is ready. It is revolutionary technology for Motorola to attract more customers.

Technical Specification

The design is attractive, but still need reliable Motorola RAZR specification. The chipset will rely on Snapdragon 710 or higher. This smartphone will be part of high-end product, but the chipset is not as capable as flagship. Motorola needs to adjust between chipset and other specs to be compatible. That’s why the GPU is still unknown. For operating system, Motorola will install Android 9.0 or higher. The RAM is 6 GB or 8 GB with internal storage at least 128 GB. Those specs show what this smartphone can do.

Moreover, camera is another feature to support smartphone capability. It will use dual or triple cameras at the rear side with resolution at least 16 MP. The front camera is ready to handle selfie, video call, and other activities. All features and support technology are installed.

As similar to other smartphones, you will get Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, GPS, and internal speaker. The sensors consist of accelerometer, proximity, fingerprint, gyro, and compass. Moreover, the battery capacity is estimated between 3000 and 4000 mAh. It consists of two cells separated each other and fast charging to supply energy.

Price and Release date

As it mentioned above, the release date is not yet revealed. You need to want patiently if you want to purchase this smartphone. With extensive development, Motorola might not wait too long to introduce this foldable design to public.

How much is this phone? The price is still unknown but it can be predicted from competitors. Until know, the foldable smartphones have price more than $1,900 even reach $2,500. If Motorola RAZR is available in market, the price might be in that range. Customers need to spend at least $2,000 or more to obtain this device. Of course, the price depends on what you get on Motorola RAZR specification.

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