Moto Z4 Force Price and Specs, New Model with the Next Generation of technology

Motorola has been on smartphone market since long time ago. The company releases several products using Android as operating system. One of them is Z Force series. Initially, this model is supposed to be premium smartphone for high-end segment. How about Moto Z4 Force price and specs? The answer is explained at the following section.

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Moto Z4 Force Price Review and Specs

Moto Z4 Force Price Review and Specs

Rumor and Development

The latest model in Z series was Z4 that was released one or two year ago. Motorola has not yet reintroduce Force model, except Z2 force. From official statement, the development for high-end product is ceased for a moment. It seems the company has issue regarding flagship production.

The market for premium and flagship smartphone is at saturated level. Four digit prices is the reason why several brands and manufacturers don’t introduce new model in this segment. Motorola competes in the market that starts to reach its peak. As solution, Moto Z4 Force price and specs will be put aside for a moment then the company focuses on mid-level category. This was the main segment for Z4.

Design and Specs

If Motorola decides to release Z4 force, the specs and design have to be more sophisticated. The display uses high-end Amoled that’s capable to deliver ultra-high definitional graphic. This kind of specs is common in flagship models from competitors. Motorola cannot afford to lose in display and design sides. Of course, bezel less is still in trend and this smartphone will adopt such approach.

For the specs, its chipset should rely on Qualcomm, and Z4 Force uses the latest technology at all. The GPU is capable to perform advanced graphical processing. User does not have to worry when pushing this smartphone in order to deliver utmost activity. Those are the basic things for Moto Z4 Force price and specs.

Moreover, the elegant design and advanced specs are not enough. Today, the operation system and features are also capable to boost the performance. New Motorola will have Android 9.0 alongside Moto Mod. The latter is specific system developed for Motorola smartphone. Moreover, the camera plays major role to attract customers. The rear camera has triple configurations that consist of 48 MP, 8 MP, and 13 MP. If you like selfie, 24 MP is more than enough for front camera.

Other features are fingerprint sensor, proximity, wireless, Bluetooth, NFC, GS, GPS, and Radio. Z4 also has RAM with capacity 4 GB. For Z4 force, Motorola should consider at least 8 GB. The internal storage is 256 GB. To support performance and capability, the battery should be 5000 mAh. Those are the specs that everyone wants to see from Motorola flagship smartphone.

The Estimated Price

One issue is where this product will be on market. As it mentioned above, official release date is still unknown. Motorola still focuses on mid-level market because it has much potential. The growth rate in this category is very significant.

How much is this smartphone? Nowadays, customers consider the price as top priority. They compare one product and others alongside the price side by side. Based on Moto Z4 Force price and specs, the estimated price level starts from $700-$800. It’s difficult to compete and enter the market by offering the price more than $900 or even $1000.

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