Mercedes GLS 2020 Design and Engine Performance

Mercedes produces several SUVs, and one of them is GLS model. For Mercedes GLS 2020, release date is expected to be October 2019. This car is full-size SUV with powerful engine, sport design, and advanced technology. To know more about this car, the next section will explore from various aspects.

Mercedes GLS 2020 Price

Mercedes GLS 2020 Price

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Design and Development

GLS was known as GL model that’s considered as the best luxury SUV. Mercedes puts the best features in order to boost the capability. New model adopts bold approach in term of fascia, body, roof, and rear. New led headlights generate vivid lighting that’s capable to penetrate in any terrain. The car has longer wheelbase than predecessor in order to expand the cabin.

Interior is aspect that receives more updates. Mercedes GLS 2020 has three-row seat which enough for seven people, including driver. Touchscreen display at front dashboard has many features and panels. If you need more space, fold the second and third row to extend the space. Several entertainment systems make sure your journey becomes comfortable and enjoyable. Those are what you get from this car.

Mercedes GLS 2020 Interior

Mercedes GLS 2020 Interior

Engine and Performance

Mercedes GLS 2020 uses several engines with powerful powertrain. The engine consists of petrol and diesel. For petrol one, you may choose 3.0 liter inline-6 that’s capable to produce 360 hp. Another petrol one is GLS 580 with engine capacity 4.0 liter V8 and powertrain is 480 hp. Diesel engine uses 3.0 liter Turbo and powertrain is approximately more than 280 hp. The last model is AMG version, but not part of official GLS lineups. For your information, the car with AMG nameplate uses advanced engine based on official Mercedes vehicles.

GLS is one of SUVs with excellent acceleration. The lowest engine has accelerate rate at 6.3 second to reach 60 mph. For 4.0-liter model, you can accelerate in just 5 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. That’s impressive record for standard full-size SUV. Of course, you will be more exciting when driving AMG model.

Mercedes GLS 2020 Review

Mercedes GLS 2020 Review

Price and Release date

As it mentioned above, the car will be ready in end of 2019. This model will be third generation, and 2020 model is new generation to enter market. The price for Mercedes GLS 2020 depends on which model you choose. The lowest one is GLS 450 with 3.0 liter, and the price starts at $70,000. For GLS 580, you need to spend at least $90,000 and $125,000 for AMG model.

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