How Mercedes E Class Coupe Facelift 2020 Looks Like

What will cross your mind if you heard the word, Mercedes? Luxurious, expensive, fast, and many positive adjectives will describe this car brand. Those adjectives may represent Mercedes E Class Coupe Facelift 2020 as well. Let’s see what Mercedes makes now.

Mercedes e class coupe facelift 2020

Mercedes e class coupe facelift 2020

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Performance, Engine, and Transmission

It is reported that this car will not have many changes or revision from the current E-Class Coupe. So this Mercedes Facelift 2020 may employ straight-six petrol and diesel, which is relatively new.

Some may expect this series will be equipped with E63 AMG or the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 which may be perfect for a sports car. However, Mercedes seems to want this car to be in the classic line by not taking the chance to make this car the best in its class.

2020 mercedes e class coupe facelift

2020 mercedes e class coupe facelift

Exterior, Interior, and Infotainment

Many sources said that this Mercedes E Class Coupe Facelift 2020 will be looked similar to the previous model from Mercedes for the E-Class. However, this 2-door version makes the car look sporty yet classy enough. It comes into the stylish Mercedes car list, but you can still see the iconic part of Mercedes and can tell directly that this car is Mercedes.

However, Mercedes seems to refresh some features of this car such as the shape of the main grille and the bumper, become more elegant. The refreshed front bumper is believed as the sign that the air intakes are already revised.

The interior part may have no significant change, but it is reported that this Mercedes series will have new touchpad and steering wheel. The infotainment system may also have a little upgrade of the excellent MBUX infotainment system. Of course, Mercedes will input the voice activation and integrate the car into the internet so there is a sensation of driving the future.

2020 mercedes e class coupe

2020 mercedes e class coupe

Safety and Driving Features

This sedan type may not have different safety and driving features from the other Mercedes E-class, including the safety standard and navigation system. This car is a luxurious car and purposed as a family car so of course, Mercedes has already thought about the safety of the drivers and the passengers.

Release Date and Price

This car is expected to be launched in 2020 but there is no exact time confirmed yet. Many guess that this car will be launched in early 2020 or by the end of 2020. Just wait and see when Mercedes is ready to show this new car to the public.

The price also has not been confirmed yet, but maybe around the 2019 Mercedes E-Class price range, or maybe higher than that if there is any revision and new features added before it is launched. Just wait and enjoy the appearance of this car through the spy photos first.

There are still many speculations about this Mercedes E Class Coupe Facelift 2020. Although many said that this series will not be really different from the preceding cars, this car is still worth to be in your waiting list. Mercedes will never let you down though, let’s wait for the 2020 surprise.

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