iPhone SE 2 Price and Specification along with Rumors about the Budget Version of iPhone

When talking about rumor regarding devices from Apple, the one related to iPhone SE 2 becomes interesting discussion. There are many speculations talking about the new generation of iPhone SE. It is known as the budget version of iPhone that gets popularity. That is why people look for the iPhone SE 2 price and specification. Unfortunately, so far Apple still says nothing officially about the new SE 2, so it is hard to get precise price and specification.

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iPhone SE 2 price and specification

iPhone SE 2 price and specification

Engine and Performance Rumors

One of the interesting discussions about iPhone SE 2 price and specification is about the performance and its engine. The predecessor uses A9 chipset, and it is similar to the one used by IPhone 6S. So far, it is predicted that SE 2 will have better chipset, but it will not be the latest one since it is going to the budget version.

In this case, it is predicted that it will use the A10. It is the same processor or chipset as found in IPhone 7. Although it may not become significant changes, it is more than enough to get better performance since the latest version is A12 Bionic. Therefore, the differences with latest gadget will not too far.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the RAM and internal storage. However, based on some rumors, the lowest option of memory will be 64GB. The 32GB version will not be produced since its capacity will not be sufficient to save the data of apps and other files. The RAM may be around 2GB up to 4GB.

Prediction of Its Screen

The next discussion of iPhone SE 2 price and specification is about the screen or display. The predecessor used 4inch screen. It seems the new SE 2 will not use the small screen. Although it may not be as big as the IPhone X or even XS, it will have bigger screen around 4 inch up to 5 inch. Moreover, Apple may keep its compact design.

Then, the predictions also show that the New IPhone SE 2 will have notch. It will not use the full-screen display. The design of notch is similar to what is found in the IPhone X. Then, it may still use home button as the old design of IPhone. When it is for real, it may become good options for those who miss the classical design of iPhone.

Camera and other Predictions

The camera found in IPhone SE is not compatible enough for current trends. That is why it seems SE 2 will get upgrade of camera. Based on some pictures and designs, SE 2 does not use the concept of dual camera, yet it uses single camera. It may use 12MP camera.

For its front camera, the front camera may have 5MP resolution. It will be enough and there may be flash, either it is dedicated flash light or screen flash. Related to the front camera, there are controversies about the existence of Face ID. When it is available, it will not use home button.

These speculations make some people interested to the progress and development. They also start to predict the price and it may be less than IPhone XR. However, all of the speculations about iPhone SE 2 price and specification still need further confirmation.

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