HTC U 13 Plus Specification and Price for the Next Generation Model

HTC starts to enter premium segment with U series. Market and customers give well appraisal to the latest mode. Next generation will be better with the updated tech, specs, and feature. To know more about HTC U 13 Plus specification and price, just read the following sections.

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HTC U 13 Plus Specification and Price

HTC U 13 Plus Specification and Price

Development and Rumor

Android is the major platform in smartphone and tablet market. This platform is open source that makes you easier to modify and customize in order to adjust with principal vendor development. This is what HTC does to its products, including U series. Since the initial release, this model is dedicated for flagship mode.

The market in high-end segment starts to be very competitive. Only few vendors can stand to fight with new models. This is what HTC does to compete with others. New design and technology are ready to deliver what HTC U 13 Plus supposed to be.

Design and Technical Specs

When discussing about HTC U 13 Plus specification and price, the first thing to consider is its design. Based on previous model, full view and bezel less style are still favorable for smartphone design. HTC will add display with the size at least 6.0 inch, and this model might have 6.2 or 6.4 inch. Big display generates wide and deep graphic. Super Amoled will handle this task. Of course, Gorilla Glass is designed for additional protection.

The next thing is technical specs. HTC is expected to rely on the latest chipset from Qualcomm. It is faster and more reliable for processing and task executing. Its operating system is Android Pie that belongs to Android One. This version is more reliable without consuming much energy. Its RAM is at least 6 or 8 GB if the company decides to put it in high-end segment. Moreover, the storage has capacity at least 128 GB with or without slot card.

One of top sections on HTC U 13 Plus specification and price review is camera. Nowadays, the flagship products use camera with advanced technology. HTC will do what competitors do for the rear and front cameras. Rear one might have triple mode with capacity 24, 20, and 8. The configuration is still estimation, but triple mode seems to be fixed option for the rear camera. On the other side, front camera only uses single mode with the capacity at least 16 MP. That’s enough for video call, selfie, or anything.

Other features are NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, and battery with capacity 4000 mAh even bigger. For network, HTC intends to add 5G modem to this smartphone. That’s make this device becomes one of pioneers in 5G technology. Next features are gyro, accelerometer, compass, and fingerprint sensor.

Release Date and Price

As it mentioned above, release date is still unknown. This smartphone is still in development stage. You need to wait patiently until the official announcement is released. However, the specs and features can be expected with comparison between the next HTC U 13 and recent competitor. The market is tough and each product has the same level.

How much is this smartphone? The estimation price is $700. It is still tentative and the price might be higher due to several factors. That’s the review for the next HTC U 13 Plus specification and price.

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