Great Google Pixel Specification as the First Generation of Pixel Family

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Google does not only create and develops operating system, but it also develops its own smartphone. There is Google Pixel as one of Google’s product. Currently, Google already has Google Pixel 3 as the latest generation, but things were started from Google Pixel. Well, it is interesting to see specification of the first generation of Pixel. Google makes the smartphone as a flagship, so there is great Google pixel specification to give the best experiences in using Android gadget.

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Performance of Google Pixel

Google Pixel was launched officially in October 2016. At that time, the Google Pixel was released with the most powerful chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon and it was Snapdragon 821. The chipset is supported by GPU of Adreno 530. With this chipset, this gadget became one of the most powerful gadgets. Moreover, it is developed by Google so best features brought by the operating system could be found in the Google Pixel.

In term of Google pixel specification, it has two option of memory. Google provides option of 32 GB and 128 GB of internal memory. Unfortunately, it does not provide slot for memory car, so users should be wise in using the memory capacity. For opening applications, it has 4 GB RAM. These combinations run in Android 7.1 Nougat. Since it is from Google, the operating system gets various update and it receives update up to Android 9.0 Pie.

Display and Battery 

Before discussing the battery, its material becomes other interesting points of Google pixel specification. The gadget has metal frame and body. Aluminum body is chosen to give strength and durability. Moreover, it also gives luxury look as the flagship. Its durability is also supported by the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for the display. In some parts of its back, there is also glass material and it becomes unique combination.

For the display, it uses AMOLED screen technology. Usually, this kind of screen is found in flagships and mid-range gadgets from Samsung. Of course, it has great color and graphic quality. The screen is 5 inches and it is Full HD display. It gives satisfaction for those who love watching movies or playing games, even when it is used nowadays.

Related to its power source, it gets 2770 mAh battery. It may not seem big capacity, but it is more than enough to give good experiences in using the gadget. Moreover, it is supported by fast charging of 18W. It gives faster process in charging the battery.

Camera of Google Pixel 

Other interesting points of Google pixel specification can be found in its camera. Even, some people still think that camera owned by Google Pixel is one of the best. It still uses single camera with dual-flash. The resolution is 12.3 MP. Its sensor becomes things that make the camera so special. Moreover, the software of Pixel Camera makes the camera able to give high quality of pictures. For recording video, it is equipped with electronic image stabilization. Then, it can also take burst shoots.

For the selfie camera, it uses 8 MP. Although it is selfie camera in 2016, it is already able to record up to 1080p video in 30 fps. It is good and shows that the camera of Google Pixel is categorized as one of the best.

Those are some interesting points regarding the device. As the first generation of Pixel, it shows great features and performances. Because of Google pixel specification, some people still use Pixel as one of the daily drivers.

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Google Pixel Specification

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