Google Pixel 4 Price and Specification with Dual Camera and Advanced Features

Google introduced Android and turned out to be the most platforms in smartphone market. Beside acts as principal developer, this company also enters the manufacturing field. Several products are already released and upcoming model will be Pixel 4. To know more about Google Pixel 4 price and specification, the next section will explain some important facts and news.

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Google Pixel 4 Price and Specification

Google Pixel 4 Price and Specification

Development and Design

For your information, Google produces devices in different stages since the core business is not hardware. However, every product using Google name is very excellent and advanced that belongs to high-end segment. This is where Pixel supposed to be for smartphone user.

Recent model is still at third generation with the name Pixel 3. However, Google announced few weeks ago that upcoming model would be released in October 2019. Development stage is started long time ago with one purpose only. Google wants Android smartphone with rich features, advanced techs, and reliable for any purposes.

Recent update about this device comes from leaked Google that showed the top-left rear side containing dual cameras. Based on that photo, the design will adopt display with the size more than 6.0 to 6.3 inch. The material looks premium and luxury with delicate surface. Therefore, that’s what Google wants for this new model.

Specs and Features

Google Pixel 4 price and specification depend on software that will be in this device. The platform for operating system is estimated to be the latest Android 9.0 with codename Pie. Good news is users will receive instant update when new patch or version is released.

For chipset and GPU, Pixel 4 might rely on Snapdragon 855. This is chipset that most of flagship smartphones have in their system. GPU is still unknown, but rumor is to be on the same level as Galaxy S10 from Samsung. User can access all applications without worry about lowering performance.

Moreover, camera is one factor that affects significantly on Google Pixel 4 price and specification. As you know, Pixel 3 does not have many rear cameras but still at the top list for photography. Google solves camera capability with their software update. It seems this method does not be reliable choice for future. That’s why dual camera is expected to consist of standard and wide-angle lens.

For RAM and storage, it should be bigger than Pixel 3. Google might put RAM with capacity 6 GB or 8 GB alongside storage at least 128 GB. One revolutionary feature is facial recognition to replace the optical fingerprint sensor. Therefore, the smartphone become more secure.

Price and Release date

How much is for new Pixel 4? Flagship smartphones are quite expensive, and the price increases every year. Based on competitor pricing position, this smartphone might have initial price at $900. More importantly, the price depends on specs and technology that make people want to purchase and use it.

Release date is estimated to be September or October 2019. Official announcement will be soon ready to ensure the customers that the product is real. Google doesn’t use silent tactic that most manufacturers apply before releasing new product. This is why Google Pixel 4 price and specification can be predicted more precise.

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Google Pixel 4 Price And Specification

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