Apple IPhone XS Max Price and Specification That Make It Powerful Smartphone

Apple IPhone XS Max becomes one of the latest smartphones released by Apple. It is equipped with the latest technologies and features compared to the other products of smartphones from this brand. Based on the specs, it is actually similar to IPhone XS, but XS Max has larger display. Of course, it is interesting to know more about the Apple iPhone XS Max price and specification, so it can be beneficial insights.

Apple IPhone XS Max Price and Specification

Apple IPhone XS Max Price and Specification

Display of IPhone XS Max

One of interesting developments can be found in its display. The XS and XS Max are brought to offer bigger screen compared to iPhone X. Well, XS Max brings 6.5inch super retina display. Retina display becomes interesting feature since it can be only be found in Apple devices. Then, it uses OLED display to get higher resolution in its graphic and colors.

In the display, it is also supported with the HDR10 and Dolby Vision. This combination is awesome for those who love enjoying entertainments and playing games by using the device. The technology offers much better experiences with its great dynamic range and awesome sound system. This feature becomes interesting point in the Apple iPhone XS Max price and specification.

Performance of IPhone XS Max

For the performance, XS Max and XS actually use the same processor and configuration. They use the latest A12 Bionic Chipset. It is said as the most powerful chipset to use in current smartphones. It is also supported by options of internal memory. There are 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB. Each option will affect the Apple iPhone XS Max price and specification, and it is also supported by the 4GB of RAM. It may sound small, yet Apple and its chipset has its own configuration that make 4 GB is more than enough.

As the comparison, the A12 Bionic gives faster performance up to 15%. The power consumption is also more efficient up to 50% compared to the previous chipset, A11 Bionic. The Artificial Intelligence cannot be ignored since it is supported by the Neural Engine to give better predictions based on the user experiences.

Camera of IPhone XS Max

Of course, Apple iPhone XS Max price and specification will not be complete when it does not discuss the camera. It uses dual-camera on the rear. Each of them is 12 MP with function for telephoto and wide-angle photos. It is also equipped with better results for the low-light condition. The HDR, dept-of-field, and optical stabilization features are also improved, so the results are much enhanced.

For the front camera, it has 7MP camera. It has TOF 3D camera. The front camera is powerful since it can have better face ID. It can identify and save the image precisely, so it still can detect the face even when it is in the low-light condition or in case the users wear glasses or hats. The Face ID is also integrated to easily open and access applications that require personal identification.

In term of price, it is sold around 1250 EUR. These are the good price to get those exclusive features and high specifications. Of course, the information of Apple iPhone XS Max price and specification can provide good reasons to choose this device.

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