Apple iPhone XS 2 Price, Release Date, and Leaked Information

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Apple iPhone XS 2 price is something that everyone can wait to figure out. Even though Android-based smartphone is now everywhere, some people are still loyal to use the iPhone product. The company replies the loyalty by keeping new series of iPhone coming. iPhone XS 2 is probably the most awaited upcoming product from company. Here is the review about the phone.

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Apple iPhone XS 2 Price
Apple iPhone XS 2 Price

What’s New?

It is believed that new iPhone XS is going to have premium design. The design is sleek, using borderless design and solid metal as the main material. As the newest generation of XS, the design of XS 2 is predicted not to have headphone jack and home button as well. However, it makes the whole appearance of the phone seems to be wide and luxurious.

Another new thing about the XS 2 is the battery life. It is believed that the battery to be used to power the phone is larger than ever. The battery capacity is over 3,000 mAh. It can lasts for days without being used or lasts for about 15 hours when you use the phone continuously. This is why the Apple iPhone XS 2 price is quite high.

Display and Camera

The display of the XS 2 is going to be larger and more vivid. The size of the new phone is predicted to be more than 5 inches. This is why the display is going to be clearer for entertainment purposes, including playing video games and to watch clips on the internet.

As for the camera, the new XS phone is rumored to have three cameras, one on the front and two on the rear. However, the exact resolutions of the cameras are not leaked yet. Most people predict that the main rear camera is going to be at least 13 MP. Of course the camera is going to be full of great features, including three tones flash light and numerous snap modes.

Other Features

Apple iPhone XS 2 price is predicted to be quite expensive because there are a lot of features in the new iPhone believed to be quite sophisticated. There will be several advanced features given to the new iPhone including face unlock, fingerprint scan, and USB C-port.

Release Date and Price

The release date of new XS phone is predicted to be in the mid of 2019, probably around September. This is not an official date, though, because the official date is not yet released by Apple. As for Apple iPhone XS 2 price, we all know it will not be cheap at all. There are numerous people believing that the phone is going to cost at least $999.

Even though the iPhone product has not been released yet and has not officially stated by Apple, everyone believes to the leaked information stating that the phone is going to be phenomenal. It is blessed by amazing features, including the new design, long-lasting battery, and also waterproof feature. This is why Apple iPhone XS 2 price should be understood, so everyone can have the phone once it is released.

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Apple IPhone XS 2 Price

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