The Stunning Concept of New 2021 Toyota 86

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Sport car starts to enter the recognition era since many manufacturers produce affordable cars. On the other side, the car uses sporty design and powerful engine to produce utmost performance. To fulfill such market, Toyota develops upcoming car, called 2021 Toyota 86. In general, the car is not completely new, but new fascia and touch make this car more reliable.

2021 Toyota 86 Price
2021 Toyota 86 Price

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Development and design

When discussing about 2021 Toyota 86, you might be familiar with iconic A86 that becomes legend in sport car. Toyota rebrands this old model that’s no longer in production, but still has niche market. People want to know what the next 86 will be especially for the design and engine. After long development stage, several concepts car have been introduced.

Toyota develops this car with Subaru. Each company contributes to enhance the car capability. The design uses fastback style that integrates body and frame in one lining. Slender and lean body is useful to accelerate. From exterior side, the car looks sporty and elegant. This is what sport car supposed to be.

2021 Toyota 86 Release date
2021 Toyota 86 Release date

Interior part receives several upgrades since first release. Toyota wants driver to be comfortable while driving. The handling is installed to adjust with driving position. This car has many advanced technology, such as navigation, connectivity, application, and touchscreen display.

Engine and features

Sport car does not have to be in bulk and big engine. This principle is what 2021 Toyota 86 applies to engine. Toyota puts this car as compact segment with engine is 2.0 liter. That capacity seems small compared to super car, but not for the performance. You can drive this car with powertrain up to 180 hp, and the acceleration less than 6 seconds to reach 60 mph.

2021 Toyota 86 Engine Performance
2021 Toyota 86 Engine Performance

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Besides, Toyota adds several features as safety measures. The car has cruise control, emergency braking, lane assist, parking sensor, and acceleration control. Basically, this car is dedicated for people who want to enjoy daily driving in sport car.

Release date and price

Toyota produced first generation in 2012. The latest model is still part of this generation, but receives more updates. Several variants and models have been released with different nameplate, but in the same base engine and style. You can order the next model in nearby dealer.

2021 Toyota 86 Review
2021 Toyota 86 Review

For the price, it depends on which model you pick. Higher trim level and features increase the price to be more expensive. On the other side, this car is considered the top choice for affordable sport cat. The base price starts at $37,000, and it increases to be more than $40,000 for 2021 Toyota 86.

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