Revival of 2021 Jaguar XK and Some Specs Speculations

In some occasions, some segments of cars are discontinued. Then, there will be also be time to revive these cars and surely it can be the good news. Those who already become the fans can get good memories of car. Related to this, it is said that Jaguar is working on 2021 Jaguar XK. Previously, XK model was already discontinued in 2014. Then, it is said this XK model will be revived and it will become the fresher car.

2021 Jaguar XK

2021 Jaguar XK

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2021 Jaguar XK Reborn

It is not just a rumor that Jaguar is planning to revive and rebuild the XK model. This car used to become lineup of sport car from this manufacturer. However, the model is discontinued in 2014. After that, Jaguar works on the new models. So far, it is only gap of several years, so it is still possible to bring back the old design and adapt it to the current models of Jaguar sport segments.

It is said that the new 2021 Jaguar XK will have some adaptation with the current model. The manufacturer gives clue that the new Jaguar XK will become the part of F-Type segment. This senior car will become the new family of sport car. Of course, there is still lack of details for the car. So far, media make some speculations, and these will be clear once Jaguar officially release the reborn XK model.

2021 Jaguar XK Release date

2021 Jaguar XK Release date

The New Concept

Well, it may be too early to discuss the detailed concept of 2021 Jaguar XK. The car is still in the process of manufacturing. Moreover, Jaguar also gives only limited clues regarding the revival of XK. However, one thing for sure is that the manufacturer wants to have the combination of two-seater design of F-Type and 2+2 cabin design. This can give new design for the F-Type segments, and people can wait until the fully interior pictures are released.

In addition, the new Jaguar XK will be part of F-Type. However, it seems that the car will not fully use the concept of F-Type. XK already has its identity, so it will be merged and adopted in the new model. Its model is already part of car’s identity, so it should be continued and improved.

The Engine Specs

For the engine, there are rumors about the hybrid option for 2021 Jaguar XK. It can be interesting point to wait for, but it is still hard to confirm the information. So far, there are already some sport cars with hybrid engine, so it is fine to get this engine for the new XK model.

However, it is said that the base engine of XK model will has the newly Ingenium engine. This will use the 2.0-turbocharged engine. This V6 engine will be able to give quite enough power for the base model of this type.

Then, it is also predicted that there will also be SVR engine. This uses the V8 engine. This 5.0liter turbocharged engine at least can generate 570 horsepower. This can be so powerful engine. It is dedicated for F-Type, and it may also be equipped for the new 2021 Jaguar XK.

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