2021 Genesis Essentia with Supercar Style and Powerful Electric Engine

Sport car has new segment with electric as engine. Several manufacturers introduce their cars in this segment. One of upcoming models is 2021 Genesis Essentia. The name might not be familiar, but this company has been at the top list regarding electric car development. Future car is what they develop, and the answer is Essentia.

2021 Genesis Essentia

2021 Genesis Essentia


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Appearance and feature

Transparent canopy is what make 2021 Genesis Essentia becomes more interesting. You can see what inside the car directly from outside. Of course, this feature also comes with additional cover. Owner can choose whether to expose the cabin or enjoy the private driving.

From overall exterior, the car resembles supercar that you must be familiar with. It has low clearance with sharp grille. Roof and rear designs are aerodynamic that affects the car acceleration. Front grille also has delicate touch with futuristic head light. Therefore, this is what supercar looks like with electric and digital platform.

2021 Genesis Essentia Release date

2021 Genesis Essentia Release date

The cabin has enough space for driver and one passenger. In fact, you will enjoy cabin since it is very elegant with premium touch. The features are accessible through seating, especially monitor for checking the car surroundings. As usual, the car has all features integrated directly to internet and digital. Driver may connect his phone.

Technical specification

The electric car relies on battery as power source. This is what 2021 Genesis Essentia uses for engine. In hybrid car, the engine still has fuel but not electric. Essentia will rely on fully electric capability for every driving feature.

From the design, it looks like sport car even super car. One question that people ask is related to powertrain or performance. In past time, electric car had limitation to boost its performance. This is no longer issue because Genesis has long research to deliver super car with electric capability. Based on official information, this car is claimed to be excellent in term of acceleration. You can reach 60 mph in less than 5 seconds. That’s impressive record if the car can reach such capability. Most of super cars still rely on fuel, and Genesis changes the way the car will be in future.

2021 Genesis Essentia Redesign

2021 Genesis Essentia Redesign

Beside engine, the car has the best support features to boost engine. You can check battery level and recharge. Genesis will provide fast charging and reliable socket for such purpose. You do not have wait too long until the car is ready for the next drive. It will be better and more reliable than existing charger.

Release date and price

The next section will explore release date and price. This car is not for regular driving. The price is still unknown and people still wait the detail from official source. Estimated price has range between $100,000 and $250,000. It might be higher and more expensive because super car uses excellent and sophisticated technology.

The release date will be shortly few years later. You must wait and place the order after 2021 Genesis Essentia is announced. This car is not regular one that company produces for mass market. You must be in waiting list until the car is delivered. That’s what you should know about new Genesis Essentia.

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