2021 Ford Mustang with More Powerful Engine and Excellent Features

Everyone recognizes Ford Mustang because it is one of top sport cars in market. Ford released this car since 1965. Until now, the latest model is a part of sixth generation. New 2021 Ford Mustang might not too different from the recent one. On the other side, Ford will improve the car performance and specs each year for better quality and capability.

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Design and features

You will know the car is Ford Mustang in instant from iconic horse emblem at front side. Only Mustang has that icon, and t becomes trademark for this car. Even though your Mustang is in different trim and variant, this emblem is what everyone knows that you drive Mustang.

2021 Ford Mustang Release date

2021 Ford Mustang Release date

The design for next 2021 Ford Mustang will adopts leaner style. The front side is sharper especially front headlights. Mustang is two-seater car with short rear side and relatively long hood. Overall design is curvier to indicate the new model will be leaner.

As usual, all basic features are installed in this car. Ford tries to be as simple as possible regarding the car tech, but still reliable. As you see, the car will focus on performance with reliable safety features. The seat uses high quality material for more comfort. Some features are only available in specific trim, such as the advanced navigation and control.

Engine and performance

As sport car, 2021 Ford Mustang relies on the engine and performance to deliver utmost capability. The engine for new model might not be much different. The car has several engines options from smaller to the biggest one with utmost performance.

2021 Ford Mustang Price

2021 Ford Mustang Price

The smallest engine starts with 2.3 liter Ecoboost. The performance is approximately 300 hp, and it is enough to deliver faster acceleration. Early Ecoboost engine was no longer available since 2018. The next engine is 5.0 liter and this model uses the name Ford Mustang GT. The engine is bigger, and the performance is more powerful because the car can produce 440 hp.

If you are speed freak, another Mustang variant has engine 5.2 liter V8 with 526 hp powertrain. That’s impressive performance for sport car. Good thing about this model is relatively cheaper compared to sport car or supercar in the same category. For your information, this model is called Ford Mustang GT530.

Besides regular models, Ford Mustang usually has special edition for particular event. The car for competition is also different due to engine configuration. However, you need to wait for long time if Ford decides to offer Mustang with electric engine.

Price and release date

Sport car is not expensive as you think. Keep in mind this car is sport car, not super car with fancy design. In fact, Mustang is the best option if you want to experience the real sport car and high speed driving. The car is already available in market since 2014 for sixth generation. You can order in nearby dealer.

The price depends on trim level and model you choose. Base price for Ecoboost model starts at $23,000. That’s quite cheaper compared to other sport cars from competitors. If you choose the big engine for 2021 Ford Mustang, the price might reach more than $40,000.

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