Powerful Engine and Advanced Features of 2020 FJ Cruiser

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Toyota produces several vehicles for off-road and daily duty driving. They are mostly as SUV and crossover SUV with strong frame and bold design. One of iconic models is FJ Cruiser that adopts classic retro off-road car. The production was discontinued in 2014, but there is rumor to revive 2020 FJ Cruiser. If this plan is applied into action, new Cruiser will use powerful engine alongside the advanced features.

2020 FJ Cruiser Price
2020 FJ Cruiser Price

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Design and Development

This car is considered iconic due to vertical front grille and windshield with less lean and curve style. In fact, Toyota uses complete adaption from America style SUV that’s mostly for desert or off-road. Development stages started long time ago, but Toyota introduced this car in 2003 as concept car. After that, the production was ready, and the car entered market in 2004 until the last model was completely no longer available in 2017.

2020 FJ Cruiser is the best choice to attract niche market. SUV seems to be in difficult situation due to interchangeable model with crossover SUV. As you know, the real SUV only attracts customers for specific driving. The demand for off-road is not much high, but loyal customers can pay any price. This is good starting point for new FJ Cruiser.

2020 FJ Cruiser Redesign
2020 FJ Cruiser Redesign

For the design, Toyota should keep classic touch with minor updates. This car uses high clearance with strong grille that looks square and vertical. The car is mid-size vehicle that has medium wheelbase. Toyota may put this car in position below Highlander. The exterior shows more capabilities to protect the car from any difficult situation.

Technical Specs

The next exploration is about technical specs, especially engine. As off-road car, engine plays major role to deliver utmost performance. 2020 FJ Cruiser is expected to be more powerful than predecessor. The car should use the same engine capacity or better with capacity at least 4.0 liter V6. For transmission, 5-speed or 6-speed model is available with the option of all-wheel drive mode.

2020 FJ Cruiser Interior
2020 FJ Cruiser Interior

Toyota upgrades features that are related to off-road. Driver should access all panels and applications easily. The cabin uses two-row seat with enough space for luggage. However, the seating uses protective material, and the entire cabin is decorated with cover.

Release Date and Price

Official release for this car is still unknown. Toyota still considers this car to be worthy for niche market. Of course, you need to wait until the car is ready. Based on similar segment, the starting price for 2020 FJ Cruiser is estimated to be at $35,000 or more.

2020 FJ Cruiser Interior
2020 FJ Cruiser Interior
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