2020 Chevy Nova Design, Specification, Price, and Release Date

Chevy Nova is nameplate for muscle or sport car that known in 1960s until 1980s. The car was discontinued, but receives wide appreciation regarding design and performance. In fact, this sport car was regarded as the best compared to others. There is rumor related to new 2020 Chevy Nova. To know more about it, read the following sections.

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Design and development

Muscle car is the term to refer sport car in USA. However, this name is not official category for modern car worldwide. Chevy or Chevrolet produces this kind of car since long time ago. Nova was introduced with high performance engine and elegant design. Chevy combines sport and luxury in one muscle car.

2020 Chevy Nova Price

2020 Chevy Nova Price

Releasing new car into market is not easy task. If Chevrolet tries with new nameplate, there is a chance for failure. The worst situation is people do not appreciate anymore. To prevent such thing, one simple solution is to bring back old car with recent design. This is what 2020 Chevy Nova will do.

The design is bold, sporty, and elegant with aerodynamic touch. Front grille adopts existing sport car in Chevrolet lineups. With simple touch, the car is ready to enter market.

Engine and feature

One important thing about 2020 Chevy Nova is engine, including performance. The car is dedicated for sport segment, which means the engine has to be powerful. In past time, Nova used engine with big capacity more than 5.0 liter. New model is expected to be in that capacity range. The engine uses V6 or V8 depending on what’s available to support high performance.

2020 Chevy Nova Interior

2020 Chevy Nova Interior

For performance, this car is suitable for people who live high speed driving. Acceleration will be less than 4 or 5 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour from zero level. Fast and stable are features related to performance of this car.

The features are different from the old one. This car becomes better to manage system and platform. You can control everything at dashboard easily especially via touchscreen display. Safety measures are enhanced, such as seatbelt, airbags, sensor and camera, lane departure warning, cruise control, and emergency braking.

Price and release date

Release date is still unknown and no official announcement comes from Chevrolet. You should wait and expect the car in future. Chevrolet might try to release 2020 Chevy Nova as a part of special edition in their sport car lineups. The price is estimated approximately at least $40,000 or more.

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