2020 4Runner TRD PRO with Powerful Performance and Versatile Capability

Toyota produces 4Runner for SUV market. This car has been the most favorite and bestselling due to capability, specifications, engine, features, and performances. You can choose several trim levels, and the highest one is TRD Pro. New 2020 4Runner TRD PRO will have the same design and more features to support the performance.

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2020 4Runner TRD PRO Release date

2020 4Runner TRD PRO Release date

Design and features

In term of design, TRD Pro does not look much different because the base design is similar. The car uses high clearance, bold grille, and rigid body in order to deliver strong built. As SUV, you can see classic SUV touch with less aerodynamic design. This kind of style has benefit, especially for driver that needs clear vision to front side.

2020 4Runner TRD PRO has update regarding technology. Touchscreen display is wider to control more applications and system. The cabin is specious with three-row seat. Well, it leaves enough room at rear space for luggage. If you want more space, fold last and second row respectively. This is standard feature to expand capability.

The features include safety measures and support. This car is dedicated for any kind of driving, especially off-road. For such purpose, TRD Pro has advanced technology to keep everyone in safe and sound. Safety measures are lane departure warning, hill assist, automatic and emergency braking, cruise control, seatbelt and airbags, and tire pressure monitoring system.

2020 4Runner TRD PRO Interior

2020 4Runner TRD PRO Interior

Engine and performance

Next section is about engine and performance. As the highest trim level, 2020 4Runner TRD PRO will have the most powerful engine at all. Toyota does not change much regarding engine because the car still has the same engine capability. Based on the latest specification, engine uses 4.0 liter V6 that’s capable to produce 270 hp.

If you are speed freak, 4Runner is not the right choice. On contrary, this car is what you need to handle off-road, depraved road, and difficult terrain you encounter every day. For transmission, it uses 5-speed with manual or automatic option. Those are what you know related to 4Runner performance.

2020 4Runner TRD PRO Army Green

2020 4Runner TRD PRO Army Green

Release date and price

As it mentioned above, recent model is already in market. You can order directly at nearby dealer and ask for 4Runner. If you want 2020 model, wait few months and the car is ready at end of 2019. Of course, it might be earlier because the car is usually introduced one-year prior production stage.

2020 4Runner TRD PRO has price that’s more expensive than other trim levels. For basic 4Runner, you need to spend at least $36,000. For TRD Pro, the price starts at $46,000.

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